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Keeping a snack vending machine on site is a great way to keep employees or visitors to your location happy while satisfying their hunger. JAA Vending provides our clients in the New York and New Jersey area with the best choices in snack vending machine options. We have the latest machines that are reliable and we have the staff and client focus to keep your machine stocked and filled with the snacks you request.

You can also ask about our healthy snack options for vending machines. We work with our clients to provide the most popular options you want in your snack vending machines. See below for the types of machines we can accommodate at your location.

  • Classic Glassfront Merchandiser Snack Vending Machine

    • 'Street Smart' glassfront merchandiser.
    • Easy to use menu and multiple payment options
    • Golden Eye® detection system guarantees product will deliver or refund will be issued
    • Energy efficient with multiple conservation modes - lights off, vend off, low energy or total shutdown
    • Industry leading machine and brand - Automatic Product International, ltd.
  • Food Court Express™ Hot Food and Ice Cream Vending Machine

    • An amazing hot food self service tool from Fast Corp Vending Machines
    • Up to 20 selections with the Food Court ExpressT Combo Vendor
    • Vend a variety of food choices including breakfast, lunch, dinner & frozen snacks
    • Up to 12 selections with the Cool EscapeT Ice Cream Vendor
    • Vend a variety of ice cream novelties (bars, cookie sandwiches, frozen tubes, cones)
    • Product capacity: Ice cream- up to 400 units w/ 100 per selection
  • Snack Food Vending Machine

    • Customized selection for all the most popular food items, snacks, and more!
    • Large selection with a small footprint in the vending machine
    • Easy money dollar bill and coin payment solution
  • Healthy Snack Food Vending Machine

    • Complete healthy snack options and recommendations available
    • Large selection with a small footprint in the vending machine
    • See more about our Healthy Vending Snacks Options
  • Combo Snack and Soda Vending Machine NJ
  • Combo Snack and Soft Drink Vending Machine

    • Stock both snacks and cold drinks in this reliable and popular machine
    • Energy efficient and superior quality vending machine
    • Stock with an assortment of drinks and snacks to your liking
  • Ice Cream Vending Machine

    • Sell popular branded frozen foods customers know and trust
    • Stock any type of ice cream bars, cookies, Dixie Cups, or Italian Ices
    • Have visitors to your location cool off all summer with this highly popular ice cream vending machine
    • Ice Cream Vending is a Leading popular machine that is always a hit
  • Pringles® Chips Snack Vending Machine

    • Fun and convenient smaller Pringle canisters
    • Popular vending snack machine

JAA Vending also offers banks of vending machines to give you a wide range of options for soft drinks and snacks at your location. Contact us today for more information on getting a bank of vending machines in the New York and New Jersey area.

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